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Open Interviews in April at Kapco Grafton


Open Interview Wednesdays.  April 11th and 25th.  1pm to 5pm

1000 Badger Circle in Grafton.  Please park across the street at 995 Badger Circle

Kapco has doubled in size!  Join us at our modern, safe, clean manufacturing facility in Grafton.

On-site interviews for:

Brake Press Operator
Client Service Specialist
CNC Operator
Cost Estimator
Crane Operator
Digital Marketing Manager
Fabrication Supervisor
Industrial Engineer
Laser Helper
Laser Operator
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Mechanic
Manufacturing Clerk
Material Handler
Network Administrator
New Product Engineer
Production Supervisor
Punch Press Operator
Quality In-Process Inspector
Quality Inspector
Resistance Welding Operator
Special Projects Coordinator
Supply Chain Analyst
Swiss Turn Operator
Tool & Die Maintenance
Tool & Die Maker
Weld Engineering Technician
Welder I
Welding Manager
Welding Robotic Operator
Welding Technician / Set Up

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No phone calls please.

Open Positions

Open Interviews in April at Kapco Grafton

Open interviews at Kapco Osceola

Welding Robotic Technician – Grafton, WI

Tool Room Machinist – Grafton, WI

Digital Marketing Manager – Grafton, WI

Industrial Engineer – Grafton, WI

Shear Operator – Grafton, WI

Production Supervisor – Grafton, WI

Weld Engineering Technician – Grafton, WI

Metal Fabricator — SpeedKore Performance Group– Grafton, Wi

Manufacturing Clerk – Grafton, WI

Quality In-Process Inspector – Grafton, WI

Co-op and Internships at Kapco Grafton

Client Service Specialist — Grafton, WI

Quality Supervisor — Osceola, Wi

Quality Inspector — Grafton, Wi

Brake Press Operator– Grafton, Wi

Laser Operator– Grafton, Wi

Cost Estimator– Grafton, Wi

New Product Engineer– Grafton, Wi

Welder I– Grafton, Wi

Welding Robotic Operator– Grafton, Wi

Quality Inspector – Osceola, Wi

Crane Operator– Grafton, Wi

Resistance Welder – Osceola, Wi

Punch Press Operator – Osceola, Wi

Network Administrator– Grafton, Wi

Maintenance Mechanic– Grafton, Wi

HR Manager– Grafton, Wi

Tool & Die Maker– Grafton, Wi

Tool & Die Maintenance – Osceola, Wi

Tool & Die – Maintenance– Grafton, Wi

Maintenance Mechanic – Osceola, Wi

Special Projects Coordinator– Grafton, Wi

MIG Welder / Welder I – Osceola, Wi

Swiss Turn Operator– Grafton, Wi

Welding Manager– Grafton, Wi

CNC Operator– Grafton, Wi

Material Handler – Osceola, Wi

Material Handler– Grafton, Wi

Punch Press Operator– Grafton, Wi

Laser Helper – Grafton, WI

Fabrication Programmer – Grafton, WI

Shipping & Receiving Lead – Grafton, WI

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