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    Kapco Invests In New Technology

    Manufacturing technology evolves rapidly and we are committed to staying current. Kapco stays up-to-date with both industry knowledge and equipment so customers consistently receive high quality metal products.

    We’ve put new machines on line and plan more as we continue to offer customers an array of options. Kapco’s goal is simple: to efficiently produce parts while providing cost savings for our customers.

    Additional Tube Fabrication Technology

    • BLM Adige LT Fiber
      • One of the fastest tube laser cutting machines in the world.
      • Utilizes fiber optic cutting technology for cutting speeds up to 3x faster than traditional oxygen.
      • Increased productivity leads to lower production costs.
      • Off-line programming means faster set-up and decreased operator intervention.
      • Suitable for highly reflective material
    • BLM Elect80
      • Fully electric CNC tube bender produces the most consistent bends possible.
      • Shortest and most efficient bending cycle.
      • Multiple tool stack for complex bending operations.
      • Real-time bend simulation identifies optimum bending sequence, identifies potential collision points, and improves quality and cycle time.
    • Addison McKee FM-70 ID/OD Tube End Forming
      • Allows for post-processing of tubing for additional tube fabrication capability.
      • Simplifies and creates more consistent welding of end-to-end tubing joints.
      • 3” capacity end forming machine designed for maximum productivity demanded by today’s industry.
      • Capabilities Include:
          • Expand/Reduce
          • Vise & Ram Forming
          • Flaring/Beading
          • Custom Forming

    Additional Fiber Optic Flat Laser Technology

    • Trumpf TruLaser 5030
      • 5000 watts of laser cutting power
      • Fiber optic laser cutting allowing for as much as a 400% increase in speed/throughput.
      • Nitrogen gas assist creates cleaner edge cuts and better part quality.
    • Trumpf TruLaser 3030
      • 4000 watts of laser cutting power.
      • High-speed cutting of light gauge materials
      • Nitrogen gas assist for cleaner edge cuts and better part quality.
    • Bystronic BySprint Fiber 6kw with Power Cut Fiber
      • The most powerful fiber laser on the market.
      • Extremely high quality cuts in sheet thicknesses up to 30 millimeters.
      • Bystronic Cut Control software ensures unparalleled cutting consistency.
      • Tower fed material handling for lights out operation.
    • In-House Nitrogen Gas Generation

     Additional Press Brake Technology

    • Bystronic Xcite 80, 80-ton electric press brakes
      • Highly intuitive programming and operations.
      • Off-line programming for faster set-up and minimal operator intervention.
      • Electric drive system provides speed, power, and pressure through the entire bend length
    • Bystronic Xpert 40 
      • Fastest press brake of its size on the market. This is a speed machine for cost-effective parts.
      • Increased bending capabilities for more complex parts.
      • Maximum processing speed through upper flank and backgauge acceleration.
      • Flexible tool selection and a press capacity up to 40 tons create a wide application scope.

    Additional CNC Technology

    • Haas VF4 / Hass DM1 with Pallet Changers
      • Increased production
      • Higher spindle acceleration/deceleration
      • Faster rapids
      • Faster feed rates
      • Faster tool-change times
      • Shorter cycle times
    • Pallet Changer Benefits:
      • Increased productivity
      • Allows for load/unload of parts outside of machine
      • Machine continues to run on one pallet of parts while second pallet parts are loaded/unloaded
      • Fixtures can be pre-set on a second (additional) set of pallets to minimize set-up time between jobs (more machine up-time)

    Additional Welding Technology

    Manual Welding

    • (7) MIG Miller Continuum 350’s(new platform with weld sequencing software)
    • (7) MIG Miller Continuum 500’s(new platform with weld sequencing software)
    • (7) MIG OTC DW300 for Aluminum
    • (2) TIG Miller Dynasty 350’s

    Robotic Welding

    • (2) Wolf Robotics ABB head stock/ tail stock coordinated motion cells with offline programming
    • (1) with Miller Axcess 450 / (1) with Fronius TPS4000
    • (3) Panasonic Flattop cells
    • (1) with TAWERS 350 / (1) with GXP 350

    Benefits of Increased Welding Capabilities:

    • Higher quality parts
    • Prototypes and short runs with minimal dedicated tooling
    • Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel welding with little to no spatter
    • Increased flexibility for production
    • Higher arc times and metal deposition rates
    • Completely modular manual welding booths for various sized product
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