Join the Kapco team with one of our open job positions:

Special Projects Coordinator

If there was a Masters degree in multi-tasking, you’d have it. Kapco has special projects galore and we’re looking for someone who is laser beam focused and able to turn... Get More Info

General Labor

Write your own success story at Kapco.  Get in, work hard, move up.  Hours are good, facility is great, and you can’t beat the opportunity. 

Position: General... Get More Info

Cost Estimator

It’s time to rock that manufacturing engineering degree at Kapco. Join our bullpen; a fast-paced, high volume environment where material, production, and process meet. Be part of the machine that keeps our... Get More Info


Kapco loves the Packers. And the Pickers. How about being a Picker/Packer? That’s the best of both worlds! This key position spans a crucial link between production and our customers. ... Get More Info

Welding Engineer

Your toolkit has a sweet combination of hands-on skills backed by some wicked brainpower. You know this stuff and – even better – you can DO... Get More Info

Welder I

The guidance counselor suggested business school.  You chose welding.  Good move.  Now it’s time to join the crew at Kapco where every pass, bead, and angle is critical.  Our customers... Get More Info

Welding Robotic Operator

Johnny Five. Wall-E. Optimus Prime. You’ve always wanted to work with a robot. Team up with one at Kapco. We need focused, precise operators who can make the arm swing... Get More Info

QA Inspector

  We’ve purposely misspelled a word in this job description.  Inspect and find it—and then apply for this job.  Kapco values attention to detail and your skills will help keep us... Get More Info

Material Handler

Aircraft carriers have deck crews—Kapco has material handlers.  Keep things moving on our busy shop floor so our production process is seamless.  If your hand-offs are cleaner than Aaron Rodgers... Get More Info

Office Cleaner — Part Time

Forget Ghostbusters. You’re a Messbuster. This is a great entry level job where you can prove that hard work, determination, and a talent for making things sparkle are how you... Get More Info

HR Manager

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before. HR gets a bad rap. Not at Kapco where our not-so-secret weapon is a great workforce. With multiple shifts across multiple locations, this... Get More Info

CNC Operator

CNC Operator?  More like CNC Ninja Warrior.  Can you tame big, smart CNC machines?  Not everyone can.  But you’ve got knowledge, training, and passion. That’s what we want at Kapco. Let’s... Get More Info

Quality Engineer

Who likes Alphabet Soup? You do. Especially when it contains CAD, ASQ, APQP PPAP, GDT and even 8D. Get your CV to HR PDQ or ASAP and remember that we... Get More Info

Building & Grounds Assistant

Winter, spring, summer, and fall---Kapco buildings and grounds look great. Be part of the team that keeps everything in place and in perfect order. We’ve got 5 properties in the... Get More Info

Accountant II/Senior Accountant

The left side of your brain could lift a truck. While others panic at the sight of spreadsheets, you welcome them like long-lost friends. Once a mathlete, always a mathlete.... Get More Info

Laser Operator

If you are driven to succeed with a passion for the professional growth and development of others, our employee-focused company may have the right opportunity for you. Kapco is looking... Get More Info

Laser Helper

Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Batman and Robin. Rick and Morty. The wise and experienced teach the eager and willing. This is a solid entry job into a modern manufacturing role... Get More Info

Laser Lead

We love lasers.  Small, medium, large—doesn’t matter, we put them ALL to work here at Kapco. We’ve got Technicians, Operators, and Helpers. We also need a Laser... Get More Info

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