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Brake Press Operator — Osceola

PUNCH. BEND. CUT. Sounds like a fight in a Batman episode.  It’s not.  It’s what you do on a brake press. But you knew that and you’re in the market... Get More Info

Quality Inspector — Osceola

Ice T and Mr. T have nothing on you, Captain Quali-T.  We need a steady hand steering the big ship called Quality Assurance at Kapco, Osceola.  Our goal is producing... Get More Info

Office Cleaner

Forget Ghostbusters.  You’re a Messbuster.  The cleaning team at Kapco has an opening.  This is a solid entry level job where you can prove that hard work, determination, and a talent for... Get More Info

Quality Inspector

We’ve purposely misspelled a word in this job description. Inspect and find it—and then apply for this job. Kapco values attention to detail and your skills will help keep us... Get More Info

Punch Press Operator

  Kapco traces a long and rich history straight back to a single punch press. Our company was built on the ability to produce well-crafted parts on time and to our customer’s... Get More Info

Brake Press Operator

  PUNCH. BEND. CUT. Sounds like a fight in a Batman episode.  It’s not.  It’s what you do on a brake press. But you knew that and you’re in... Get More Info

CNC Operator

CNC Operator?  More like CNC Ninja Warrior.  Can you tame big, smart CNC machines?  Not everyone can.  But you’ve got knowledge, training, and passion. That’s what we want at Kapco. Let’s... Get More Info

Welder I

The guidance counselor suggested business school.  You chose welding.  Good move.  Now it’s time to join the crew at Kapco where every pass, bead, and angle is critical.  Our customers... Get More Info

Laser Operator

  Lasers are cool.  Unless you’re pointing them at planes.  Don’t do that.  Point yours at metal to cut and shape with the precision and care our customers demand.  Way cooler... Get More Info

Tool & Die Maker

  Engineering.  Science. Art. That’s the world of the tool and die maker. The following description will boggle the general public’s mind, but this is your passion and your pride. Kapco’s facilities are modern, we’re... Get More Info

Tool & Die – Maintenance

95% of Americans can’t describe what Tool & Die does.  You can.  There’s a beauty to dies, jigs, and fixtures and we need someone to maintain, repair and perform changeover... Get More Info

Sandblaster – (ACI) West Bend, WI

We took a poll---Sandblasters at ACI have the coolest gear.  Like a spaceman.  Or a robot.   Or a Space Robot.   Whatever it is, it’s an essential part of this very... Get More Info

Welding Manager

  You squeeze your fork to release the food. You lay Z-Weave ketchup beads on your fries.  You’re a welder.  But you’re more—you’re the one who keeps the shop humming, the... Get More Info

Material Handler – Osceola

Kapco material handlers keep things moving on our busy shop floor so our production process is seamless.  Aircraft carriers have deck crews---Kapco has material handlers.  If you're careful, conscientious, and... Get More Info

Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Is it better to give than receive?  You tell us.  After all, a solid Shipping & Receiving pro gets to do BOTH.   You’re comfortable on a forklift, a dock leveler,... Get More Info

Order Entry Clerk

No artificial intelligence for this job—we’ll leave that to Amazon’s Alexa.  We need a real, live, thinking human who works diligently and efficiently to ensure orders are accurate, true, and... Get More Info
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