Robot Welding



Innovation and Talent.

Whether robotic, semi-automatic or manual, our skilled welding team blends quality and structural integrity through technical expertise and the advanced capabilities of more than 20 robotic welding cells.

Our welding operations are American Welding Society compliant with multiple Certified Welding Inspectors, an on-staff Level 2 Inspector and advanced safety equipment at each welding station. Kapco also has in-house technical experts in Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, as well as an on-site training program.

This commitment to technology and training makes Kapco a great partner, whether you’re seeking simple weldments or complex fabrications.

Weld Aluminum

Why Kapco Does Robotic and Manual Welding Better

  • Better precision and consistency
  • High-volume capacity
  • Minimized secondary processes
  • Offline programming capabilities
  • In-house quality procedures reduce lead times

The Kapco Difference

  • Robotic welding volume reduces operating costs, allowing Kapco to deliver your parts at a great value
  • The marriage of robotic and advanced manual welding results in top-tier product quality, consistency, and repeatability
  • Being able to robotically weld on both steel and aluminum means we can produce more parts faster
  • Automation also means less waste by vastly reducing breakages and re-work due to quality issues


Kapco is committed to high-quality contract manufacturing through innovation, growth, and a team that’s driven by our partner’s success.

Let’s get started.