Precision. Speed. Efficiency.

With 4K, 6K, 10K and 15k lasers, leading brake press technology, and high-volume CNC Machining capabilities, Kapco produces parts from a broad range of materials with precision, speed, and efficiency.

Our fiber laser cutting allows us to produce more parts at a lower cost on materials up to 1-inch while minimizing waste.

We excel in brake press operations and have the ability to press complex parts on shorter lead times with our 17 brake presses, which range from 40T to 250T and 4-foot to 12-foot beds.

Robotic Press Brake

Why Kapco Does Fabrication Better

  • Various lasers up to 15K in power ensure balance between cost, volume and speed
  • Faster lasers lower part costs
  • High-quality cutting up to 1” on some materials
  • Laser cutting on broad range of materials
  • Bystronic drive brake presses execute complex parts precisely, and more efficiently
  • Faster production for shorter lead times
  • Feature hydraulic tool clamping system
  • Investment in cobots and high-efficiency automation

The Kapco Difference

  • Cutting-edge laser technology delivers high-quality parts consistently
  • By investing in quality machinery, Kapco works to eliminate downtime and maximize production
  • Both 2D and 3D laser cutting options are available
  • Kapco’s laser technology delivers consistent results, especially on precision parts with complex contours
  • Ability to fabricate both large and small parts at high feed rates
  • Robotic press brakes provide high volume capacity at loads up to 22 pounds
  • Technology offers operational flexibility for fluctuating order situations
  • Bystronic drive brake presses create complex parts with fewer touches
  • Faster, more efficient lasers lower part costs
  • Cobot deployments offer right-sized automation to meet your needs


Kapco is committed to high-quality contract manufacturing through innovation, growth, and a team that’s driven by our partner’s success.

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