Tool & Die

Robust and Nimble.

Kapco’s in-house tool and die facility features four tool rooms that streamline die manufacturing, in-house maintenance of more than 4,000 dies, and quick change capabilities in as little as 30 minutes.

Our extensive die partner network also increases our capabilities while minimizing lead times.

Tool & Die Photo with Employee

Why Kapco Does Tool & Die Better

  • Industry-leading die building technology in-house
  • Vast experience working with and servicing all categories of tooling, including progressive dies
  • A team of talented apprentices, machinists, and expert journeymen deliver precision dies resulting in high-quality parts
  • Able to work with customers from scratch, or work on cost-effective design and manufacturing options


Kapco is committed to high-quality contract manufacturing through innovation, growth, and a team that’s driven by our partner’s success.

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