Metal Stamping

The Midwest’s Premier Stamping Operation

With the industry’s best equipment and a talented team, Kapco brings strength to large stampings with a capacity of up to 1,000 tons across more than 50 servo, hydraulic and mechanical presses. 

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Why Kapco Does Metal Stamping Better

  • Investment in industry-leading technology
  • Rapid turnaround and just-in-time delivery capabilities
  • Competitive tooling costs
  • Flexible design & drawing capabilities
  • Redundancies and repetitive processes ensure consistency and quality

The Kapco Difference

  • State-of-the-art equipment delivers quality, speed and consistency
  • Programmable stroke power allows presses to complete a variety of jobs
  • Operational efficiencies driven from high-volume servo presses provide competitive pricing and fast turn-around times
  • Automated technology results in production nearly double that of traditional presses, while also saving energy and resources
  • Solutions available for high-precision parts requiring specific textures and detailing


Kapco is committed to high-quality contract manufacturing through innovation, growth, and a team that’s driven by our partner’s success.

Let’s get started.