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Kapco Helps Customer Revamp, Streamline Parts Supply Chain

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One of Kapco Metal Stamping’s core values is developing creative solutions to positively impact our business and our customers through innovation. What does that mean, exactly? It means working together to develop strategies and solutions that meet the specific needs of the partners’ businesses throughout the manufacturing process.

A relatively new Kapco customer came to the table with an opportunity to improve their overall product quality. The organization’s previous metal stamping vendor manufactured a particular part in a specific way for 20 years, stamping 22-foot-long parts which were hard to maneuver and ship. The customer needed a solution that was nimbler and easier to transport. However, due to complex tooling, there wasn’t an opportunity to change designs or adapt the product with the previous manufacturing vendor.

Instead, the customer turned to Kapco to help develop a solution because of Kapco’s reputation for high-quality contract manufacturing work and its centrally located position in the United States. To reduce the challenge of maneuvering 22-foot-long parts, Kapco worked with the customer to reengineer the product line to involve a “kit.” The single long part was ultimately redesigned into three separate components connected to form one piece in the kit. 

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Instead of just relying on metal stamping technology, Kapco deployed a combination approach, including flat-sheet lasers, progressive stamping, and an automated 5-axis laser to create the components that are then shipped to the customer’s Midwest headquarters for final welding and assembly. This new process allows the customer to deal with the logistics of moving, storing, and adjusting the design of the parts much more quickly, without the hassle of slow, expensive traditional stamp tooling.

Kapco also has a robust robotic and manual weld department.

This collaborative design, engineering, and manufacturing process led to a successful product relaunch and a new production method that increased quality and flexibility while minimizing logistics issues.

To learn more about Kapco Metal Stamping’s full capabilities, click here. If you’re looking for a new contract manufacturing partner to help you develop more innovative, more efficient manufacturing solutions for your products, request a quote today and get the conversation started.

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